2005 - Seventh Reunion - Report

Friday 11th & Saturday 12th March 2005


"My first time here but I will definitely be back!"     "Great to meet up with friends after more than 30 years!"
"Had a fantastic time!"     "Thanks a million for so much pleasure"

Friday evening was purely a get-together over a few pints but on Saturday night we were fortunate to have an extensive slide show, thanks to Pip Howes and Roger Neal. A real trip down memory lane!

As in previous years a group spent part of Saturday at the Liverpool Maritime Museum and enjoyed a liquid/sandwich lunch at the Pump Room.

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(2) = Friday and Saturday

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Photos taken on Saturday



L to R : Roger Neal (Anita hidden), Don Wheeler, Ian Tickell, John Wile, John Flaherty, Lesley Wheeler, Gill Thackery, Peter Boyle,   Kath and Mike Quirk



Front L to R : Ken Crowther       Dave Bridson           Gordon Sykes-Little

Back L to R : Anne Erskine           Arthur Downing           Trevor Bean           Hugh Farrell


Standing L to R : Phil "Pip" Howes       Les Moore ; (Standing background) Peter Boyle   John Wright   Brian Stone
(Seated at front) Mike Quirk             Colin Whitehead


Capt David Houghton


Joan Howes     Mavis Swaine-Williams       Esther Farrell     Gwyn Swaine-Williams


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