PSNC Officers Reunion 2014

The 16th Reunion took place on

Friday 14th & Saturday 15th March 2014

Page created 20th April 2013 and updated 11th May 2014


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    The regular venue - the Packet Steamer, Northern Perimeter Road, Netherton, Liverpool L30 7PT   (TEL 0151 531 1497)  - was the venue for the Sixteenth Annual Reunion, but would be counted as the 17th if we counted the original with four of us on a trip up the Manchester Ship Canal in August 1997.

    As usual, the restaurant was very busy over the 2014 weekend but fortunately folks had taken advice and booked for 5.30 pm or 6.00 pm.


    (2) means both evenings

    If you attended and your name is missing from the list please tell me and I will add you to it.


    Had hoped to attend:-

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    Former PSNC Officers and family who have "Crossed the Bar" since our 2013 Reunion

    See Obituaries for more details and photos (when available).

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    Apologies for the delay . . . but beter late than never!


    1.  Gill Thackery   John Flaherty,   Merv Richardson,   Bill Hilton


    2.  Dave Bridson,   Ian Tickell,   John Wright,   Hugh Farrell


    3.   Ann Copeland, Anne E., Esther F., Jeannie N., Miriam, Wendy J.


    4.  John Wright, Bernie Guymer, Mike Quirk, Phil & Helen Smith, John Richardson, Peter Ratcliffe, Chris Gregson


    5.   George? Tomlinson(Sorry), and Tony Mathias


    6.  Dave Newton, John Jenkins, Adrian van Toren & Miriam, Debbie Crabtree, Jeannie, Wendy, Peter Boyle


    7.  Margaret and Frank Priest


    8.  Anne Erskine and Miriam


    9.  Peter Boyle, Jim Ellis and Hugh Farrell


    10.   Bill Wallace, Carlisle and Eurwen Scott, Nora Wallace

    #P235                 #P238
    11.  Bernie Guymer, Phil Gregson, Sam d'Arcy, Mike Lee, Phil Smith                        12.  Dave Newton

    Sorry, I cannot put a name to one person in photo No. 5.
    If you know him, or if I have made a mistake in others, please email me "Barry" Erskine and mention the photo number.

    If you took photos at the Reunion, send them to me and I will try to post as many as I can here.   Thanks.

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