PSNC Officers Reunion 2023
Sadly, owing to the Covid-19 Pandemic in early 2020 we were obliged to cancel both that year's Reunion and the 2021 Reunion.

The 23rd Annual Reunion took place on
Friday 24th & Saturday 25th March 2023 in the usual venue, the Packet Steamer.

(However, it would have been the 24th if we were to count the "Inaugural Meeting" when four of us went on a trip up the Manchester Ship Canal in August 1997.)

(Page updated 27th March 2023.)


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    NB If you have changed your email address in the last year or so, and have forgotten to let me know,
    do please send an email with "Address update" in the subject line.   Thanks

    The regular venue - the Beefeater Packet Steamer, Northern Perimeter Road, Netherton, Liverpool L30 7PT   (TEL 0151 531 1497)  - was the venue for the Twenty Third Annual Reunion.

    The Restaurant lay out had changed a bit and the back room we used for our evening get togethers had now been turned into a function room come dining room.
    I booked it for both evenings but on the proviso that we dined together at a set time, 6pm., so that we could have the room to ourselves.

    All former uniformed sea-going Officers of the Pacific Steam Navigation Company (and latterly Royal Mail & Furness Withy) are welcome to attend.   Both evenings are informal.

    It has been customary to have a "slide show" (or now a Powerpoint Presentation) of nostalgic photos of personnel and ships etc from the old days on the Saturday evening.


    Crabtree, Dennis & Debbie
    Dyson, Geoff - Both
    Ellis, Jim - Sat
    Greenwood, Martin - Saturday
    Gregson, Phil & Chris - Both
    Greenwood, Martin - Sat
    Guymer, Bernie & Ann - Both
    Hilton, Willie & Shiela (Both) Jenkins, John & Wendy - Both
    Malloy, Mike & Monica - Both
    Saunders, Andrew - Both
    Van Toren, Adrian & Vivienne - both

    No notifications

    Corlett, Alan, - in the Phillipines
    D'Arcy, Sam - Cruising
    Downing, Arthur - in Queensland
    Erskine, Barry & Anne - regretably, mobility is restricted
    Jones, Stuart - on a flight
    Ker, Allan - will be in France
    Lancaster, Brian - short notice . . contracted Covid! Lee, Mike - on a cruise
    Ratcliffe, Peter - Clash of engagements
    Richardson Merv
    Tooke, Ken - heading off on holiday
    Wile, Mary

    "Slide" Shows
    Willie Hilton showed a History of PSNC,   Jim Ellis did RNR days plus early PSNC.  There were also selections from Martin Greenwood and Geoff Dyson


    Crossed the Bar    
    Bond, John Edward - passed away on 6th Feruary 2022. Info from Martin Greenwood and Keith Adams.
    Flaherty, John Caswell - who sadly passed away 16 Dec 2022 was a very popular regular attender at our Reunions.
                His funeral was on 11th January 2023 at Beetham Hall Crematorium near Kendal.
                Cards can be sent to John’s son Andrew Flaherty, 26 Castle Street, Kendall LA9 7AS.
                Information from John &Wendy Jenkins.


    2024 Reunion Proposal
    Bernie Guymer has advised me that for next year he is looking into costings for mid-week Meeting at the end of March in the same venue.
    This would avoid all major sporting events, Mothers' Day, St Patrick's Day, Clock time changes, etc., etc.
    Only two of the attendees are actually still working, but with a year's advance notice they will book time off.
    We were all grateful for the two of them who DO still work and pay taxes to keep us in the life we enjoy!

    Notice will be given on these web pages whenever any arrangements are proposed.