Celebrating his 75th birthday on 28th May 2005

David and Sheelah Houghton were aware their family had been arranging a small get-together with a few friends in their retirement home to celebrate his 75th and the couple's 49th Anniversary the following day.   Little did they know that for months Elaine and John had, with their spouses Vincent and Caroline, been planning a surprise visit by former PSNC Officers.   To say David was surprised when the contingent of those who had sailed with him, admired and respected him, and had a great affection for Sheelah arrived unannounced en masse. . . .

Among those who attended were:- Sam & Ann D'Arcy, Barry & Anne Erskine, Tim Harris, Les Moore, Keith Nuttall, Cameron & Margaret Pringle, Mike & Kath Quirk, Brian Stone, Arthur Stringfellow, Don & Lesley Wheeler.
Many others who would have liked to have been there were prevented from doing so by ill-health, family commitments and holidays etc.


Family Group

Elaine                           Sheelah                           David                           John


There were no formalities but David and Sheelah's son John gave a humourous and fitting insight into their father's background, character and personality. At the family's request Barry Erskine paid a personal tribute to a very popular and well respected Captain.


Barry's Speech

Vincent Moran (Elaine's husband)    Barry Erskine      John (in background)


Happy Couple

The Happy Couple


Sam and Ann

Sam and Ann D'Arcy


PSNC Officers and Wives


Arthur Stringfellow       Brian Stone     Lesley   &   Don Wheeler       Keith Nuttall       Mike Quirk
& Kath Quirk (foreground)


The catering was superb, quite a variety of "lemonades" flowed, the jazz band was excellent and the weather held fair for outdoor socialising. An excellent do!


Next day a marvellous BBQ was laid on in John's beautiful garden for immediate family and PSNC Officers only.   Again the catering and liquid refreshments left absolutely nothing to be desired!   I can only say we were treated like royalty and welcomed into the family.   On behalf of all who attended I can only say a sincere "Thank you!" for all your hard work and super hospitality



49 years on and still going strong.

Postscript:   Sadly, Sheelah passed away on 9th July 2012 after a long illness bravely borne.

She will be fondly remembered and sadly missed by all who knew her

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