Arthur Stringfellow's Photos

Elec., Capt. Clerk, RO

L to R

Mike Hesketh (Elect),   Arthur Stringfellow (Capt. Clerk)   Colin ? ? ? (R.O.)  

Eleuthera 1962


5 Officers

L. to R.
Mike Hesketh (Elect.)     Arthur Stringfellow (Capt. Clerk)   ? ? ? (3rd Mate)     Ian Gordon (Chief Steward)    Don Hodgson (2nd Mate)

Eleuthera 1962


Eleuthera v Appleton Estate Cricket Teams

Cricket match . . . . M.V. Eleuthera versus Staff from Appleton Estate Rum in Jamaica 1962.   PSNC were slaughtered!


MV Salaverry in Horta because of fishmeal fire

MV Salaverry, December 1964.   Fishmeal fires and bad weather forced her into Horta, Fayal, Azores as a port of refuge.


Decommisioned Island Boats c.1970

Island boats, Eleuthera, Cienfuegos and Somers Isle lying decommissioned in Fowey, Cornwall c.1970

Photos provided by Arthur Stringfellow

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