George Hawkins and colleagues from 1950' and 1960's

Hi Barry,
Good to hear from you!!   Yes, my dad George Hawkins was a Chief Engineer; he passed away 1996.
He is 3rd from Left in the first photo, 2nd from left in the other three photos,   Mike Hawkins.


Photo 1   Group1

L to R    Reg Dagnell (Sr Elec), Bob Bingham (Jr Eng), George Hawkins (3rd Eng), ???? (2nd Elec), ???? (4th Eng), ???? Craven (Jr Eng)


Photo 2   Group2

Jim ??? (4th Eng), George Hawkins, ???? (2nd Elec), ???? (Ch Eng), Reg Dagnell (Sr Elec), ???? Craven (Jr Eng)


Photo 3   Group2

Tall fellow at the back had a nickname "Stringbean"


Photo 4   Group2

Tall fellow at the back had a nickname "Stringbean"


Dad kept some of the old passenger lists etc from his voyages:-
He was 1st Engineer on Reina Del Mar in '57, Chief on Salinas '58, Santander '59, '61 and '62, Salaverry '61, Salamanca '63 and '64, so these photos are probably taken anytime between this period.
Again I hope this is of interest and of use!
Cheers, Mike Hawkins

11th July 2015.   Many thanks to Bob Bingham for providing quite a few of the missing names.
Can anyone supply the names of the others in these photographs?
If you can, please refer to Photo number and name them from Left to Right.   Thanks, Barry

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