Santander Engineer Officers - Christmas 1967 in Guayaquil

Santander Eng Offs Xmas 1967

Back Row   Pete Marsden Jr Eng,     Richard Norris Cadet Eng,     Tommy Bate Cadet Eng,     John Fagan Cadet Eng,     David Allen Elect, Ian "Brad" Bradburn Jr Eng

Front Row   ??? Jr Eng,     ??? 3rd Eng,     Chief Eng "Uncle Ron" Ronnie Carter,     Dave Kendall 2nd Eng,     Dave Bridson 4th Eng,     Bryan Clydesdale Cadet Eng

(Ronnie Carter had this photo taken on the Santander every Christmas and gave a copy to each engineer)

Please let me know if you can provide names for the other Officers.   Please quote "Santander Xmas 1967" when you do so.
Thanks to Bryan Clydesdale for the photo and Dave Bridson and Colin Seddon for identifying some former colleagues


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