If you have lost contact with a former shipmate/colleague perhaps someone will see this and link you up again.

(I really would appreciate an email with "Missing but Found" in the Subjet Line if contact is made to update the page. Thank you)

Last updated 26th January 2022


This group of names was added on 26th January 2022 after emails from Bernie Guymer "Bounced"

If your mame is here, or you know a current email address for any one of them, please contact Bernie Guymer

Brown, Stephen         Byrne, James       Condon, Mike         Gibbons, Tony         Hill, Tim         Jones, Colin         Mace, Dave       Moir, Dennis         Neilson, Ken        Smith, Dave         Warden, Dave,


Index of "Missing" Persons

Alison, Capt, "Chic"
Barry, Peter Bennett, Fergie Burnett, Les
Campbell, Mike Cook, George Clarke, Terry
Edwards, Tommy
Freeman, Laura
Good, Don
Hawkins, Charlie Hodgson, Donald A.  Hyland, Kevin
Kinnear, Bob Kravos, Mick
Le Tissier, Pierre Michel Lorraine, Laurie Luck, Neil
McCombie, John
Orchard, Eddie O'Driscoll, "Paddy" Owen, "Cappy"
Penny, Barry Philip, George Derek Pickup, Jimmy
Potts, "Potsie" Pymm, Rodney
Reay, Grahame Roberts, "Barney" Robertson, Neil Robinson, Tony
Roe, Graham "Joe"
Seaton, Terry
Taylor, Johnny Templeton, Bob Thomas, "Bertie" Turner, Jimmy
Thomson, Charlie
Wall, Jimmy Ward, Phil Wass, Karl
Watson, Malcolm (I) Watson, Malcolm - Ch. Eng. (II) White, Dudley Alister "Chalkie" Williams, Owen Kenneth
Cadets from 1953-56 Salaverry Deck & Engine Officers

Neil Robertson

Anthony "Tony" Conte   and several other former colleagues are concerned that they have been unable to contact their close friend Neil for some months.
If you have any information about Neil please contact Tony.   (5th March 2015)

"Cappy" Owen - Senior Electrician

"Gentleman" John Wright often wonders what happened to "Cappy", who was always addressed as "Mr Owen", after he left the Reina del Pacifico to standby the building of the Reina del Mar.   Please get in touch with John if you know anything.  (March 2010)

Reply received 27th March 2016   NEW!

My name is David Owen, the grandson of George Herbert Owen who was born May 1894 and died July 1964.
The following is a transcript of the PSNC acknowledgement of his service at his retirement.

"Mr G H Owen, Senior Electrical Engineer, who retired on 31st December 1957, served his apprenticeship with the British Insulated & Helsby Cable Co. at their Prescott Works and after gaining varied experience in mines, power stations and Ship Repairers and Builders, he joined the Company in January 1919 on the shore staff.
His first appointment was to the "La Paz" as Senior Electrician, and he sailed in this vessel until he joined the m.v. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" which was then under construction in Belfast. Mr Owen, to quote his own words, "enjoyed twenty-five years unbroken service in this vessel". It might constitute a record. He was withdrawn in June 1955 to take up a similar appointment in s.s. "REINA DEL MAR" when she was under construction in Belfast.
He retires with many happy memories, spread over his thirty-eight years with the Company and he looks forward to enjoying the happy home life he has always longed for. We hope it will last for many years."

You are welcome to publish this text and photo - hope you find it useful.
Regards, David Owen

"Barney" Roberts - Chief Officer

If you know the whereabouts of this former Chief Officer Adrian van Toren   is keen to contact him.   March 2010)

Donald A. Hodgson (known as "Don")   NEW!

He was 2nd Mate on the "Reina del Mar" at one time but since then he seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth.
His elder brother Norman and his cousin John are anxious to learn of his whereabouts.
If you can provide any information or clues about his welfare or anything at all (or if you read this Don) they would be very pleased to hear from you.
Please email 
John Sellers     (1st February 2016)

Previously there was also this other request but to the best of my knowledge there was no response. (Barry)

Donald Hodgson

This is a very long shot indeed; I am hoping that you may be able to trace a chap I was at school with in Liverpool from 1948 to 1953. His name was Donald Hodgson and, when I knew him, he lived in Morningside Road, Liverpool 11.

I know that when he left school, he was employed by the PSNC and stayed with the Company for a number of years. On your web site and, under the list of Second Mates, I found the entry 'Hodgson Donald (Don) A' and I wonder if this is the Don I knew. I felt that I must get in touch with you to see if this was the same Don and, if so, to establish if there is any way you might be able to help me make contact with Don- if he is still alive and kicking!

Last September, I established contact with a few of the other people who attended Evered Avenue Secondary Commercial School in Aintree and, earlier today, we had our second get-together (an inexpensive, but enjoyable, lunch at the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool) Nine of us were there and, during the conversation, Don's name came up and we all wondered what had happened to him. One of the chaps said he thought Don had settled down in South America a number of years ago but was not at all sure of this.

In the rather unlikely event that you have information that might help me trace Don, I and the other eight ex-Everedonians, would be most grateful.

Yours sincerely,  Ossie Head   (Jan 2009)

Capt. Don Good

Dave Newman left PSNC after 6 years as a cadet and went shore side in the UK. However, he could not settle in England and still had the urge to travel and see new places.  He went to Zambia on a three year contract where he met his wife-to-be.   They went to South Africa in 1975 and married there.   He is now in the mining and quarrying sector selling crushers and screens into the industry.
"I still wish I could turn the clock back and be on board the Cienfuegos; they were good days. The strange thing is that I have never met anybody whom I sailed with since leaving the sea.   If ever you do get hold of Don Good please let me have his address as I would like to get in contact with him.   Best Regards
Dave Newman   (June 2009)

Terry Clarke and Terry Seaton

Gordon Sykes-Little would like to know if anyone has information about these two former Pursers?   As Gordon is not on-line, contact through Les Moore   (June 2008)

"Bertie" Thomas

Does anyone know what happened to Bertie Thomas?   He was Chief Engineer on the Salaverry, Ian Tickle was 3rd Engineer and I was 2nd Electrician.   I think the Salaverry was one of the happiest ships in the fleet.
(James) Brian Byrne  PS I don't use "James". (May 2008)

Tommy Edwards and Brian McAteer

Brian Richardson said "I was just wondering if Tommy Edwards and Brian McAteer are still around? They did live on the Wirral. Would be nice to hear from them again." (March 2008)

Jimmy Turner (Chief Officer)

If you have any information on Jimmy's whereabouts please send me an email. Thanks!   Pat Tanner   (Jan 2008)

Graham L. Roe and Johnny Taylor

My PSNC days were some of the best and the companionship between sea-goers cannot sadly be found ashore.   I would very much appreciate if anyone has any news of Graham L. Roe (Joe) or Johnny Taylor and the other lads I sailed with between 1957 and 1961 on the Salamanca, Flamenco, Reina del Mar and Potosi.  My memory is not what it once was! Thanks! John A. Swan   (Jan 2008)

Wesley Randles

"I have lost contact with Wes and would like to pass a message to him."

This request came through my "Unofficial PSNC Web Site" from Andrew Niblock.
Can anyone help please?   Barry. Thanks!   (Mar 2007)

1st August 2010 . . Success!
Wes' son, Keith, sent me an email recently to say he would pass any emails to his father who is alive and well but not on-line.
Andrew Niblock in now in contact with his long-lost friend!   (Barry)

Bill Marr's fellow Cadets

Fergie Bennett,  Karl Wass,  Phil Ward,  Dave Adams,  Pierre Michel le Tissier &  "Chalkie" White

If you are one of the above reading this or you know any of the above please get them to contact Bill Marr as he would be keen to see you again and swap stories! (Nov 2003)

Coincidentally, Phil Ward had contacted me just a week earlier so that's one link-up already! (Barry)

Also, Dave Adams contacted me on 10th Feb 2004 to say he was shocked, but delighted, to see his name on the web site. he has emailed Bill and was awaiting a reply.

. . . and Dudley "Chalkie" White contacted me on 6th Jan 2008 after speaking to Jim Ellis. It sometimes takes years but eventually we have some success!


Les Moore would like to contact Dudley who was a pilot on the Humber   (Mar 2007)

A result!   Dudley "Chalkie" White contacted me on 6th Jan 2008 after speaking to Jim Ellis.

Tony Robinson, Bob Templeton & Malcolm Watson

In the 1970's Mike Lacey was a Junior Engineer and sailed on the Cufic and Tropic. He would like to make contact with the above and any others he sailed with.   He now lives in New Zealand now but works mostly in Asia.   (Sept 2005)

Charmaine Cordingley from Chile

Chris Welton would like to contact Charmaine as he thinks she may be able to contact a former passenger from the Reina del Mar for him.   (June 2005)

Grahame Reay

I am desperate to contact Grahame who was Best Man at my wedding to Chris in Auckland, New Zealand on 21st August 1978 when the Mayfield was stuck there for hatch repairs.

He bore a resemblance to Paul McCartney in his younger years!

If anyone knows his whereabouts please either email me Jimmy Wall or Barry who has my snail mail address and phone number in Queensland.

Laura Freeman and Jimmy Wall

Brian "Blue" Lancaster would really like to get in touch with any of his ex-colleagues, especially Jimmy Wall who was a cook on the William Wheelwright and Cufic.   He may have married someone in Australia.   Also Laura Freeman whom he sailed with on the Tropic in 1973.   (Dec 2004)

Peter Barry, Paddy O'Driscoll and Bob Kinnear

I lost touch with the above and also Phil Howes and Bob Kinnier after my three stints on the Oroya in the '60's. Would be keen to make contact again! Jack Blue, the Marconi R/O   (Oct 2004)
(Sadly, Paddy O'Driscoll died in 1968 aged only 57 years. Barry)

John Bond's fellow Cadets

John Bond would to contact Mike Campbell (Sarmiento 1956/57) and Charlie Hawkins, two Cadets he sailed with in the 1950's.  (June 2004)

George Cook

I am wondering if you can help me at all with a task I have been set!!   My father-in-law's name is Norman Nisted; served on the Sarmiento, Salamander and the Reina Del Pacifico (1954 Reina 1st Officer engineering).   His best man at his wedding was George Cook.   Now, I am finding Mr Cook very hard to contact short of calling Cilla! and I was wondering if you might have any knowledge of him or his whereabouts or in fact have any memories of my father-in-law.
As it is coming up to my in-laws' Golden Wedding in March 2004 I would dearly love to be able to bring them together again.   I would love to be able to book them in on your Reunion Weekend but I'm not too sure what the present may be...
I would be greatly obliged for any information you may have.   Thanking you in anticipation!!
Mrs Christine Nisted. (Nov 2003)

Neil Luck, George Derek Phillip & Kevin Hyland

Ken Crowther knew something of their movements after leaving "Salinas".   He mentioned that Derek Phillipe (Ken gave his full name as I could only remember him as Phillipe) sailed as uncert 3rd on the "Loreto" whilst Ken was on her as Cadet.  He apparently left PSNC later and went to West Africa and still later Ken heard that he had a Greengrocer's shop in Bootle.
Photo of the above individuals plus Des Jones in Cuba
I would love to know what happened to all of them eventually.  

Des Jones (Oct 2003)

Capt. "Chic" Alison,   Ch Eng Malcolm Watson & Ch Off Pete Quale

Mike Clements would like to know the whereabouts of any of the above three former friends. Does anybody have any information?
July 2003


Capt. Chic Alison is living with his wife Ada in Herne Bay but his health is not so good at present.
Sadly, Pete Quale died many years ago from a virulent form of cancer.
(Info from Sam d'Arcy Jan 2005)

Brian Russel's friends - Pizarro 1968/69

Brian Russell would like to get in touch with, or hear about, Barry Penny (4th Eng), Rodney Pymm (3rd Mate), George Hawkins (Chief Eng), Mick Kravos (2nd Eng), Les Burnett and Jimmy Pickup (Boilermen.(May 2003)

Cadets and others from 1953-56

John Bond would be keen to renew friendships with all Cadets and others whom he met or sailed with between early 1953 in Flamenco, Salamanca, Reina del Pacifico, Sarmiento, Afric (later Albemarle), Sarmiento again and Kenuta, finishing in Aug 1956 standing by Reina del Mar.   John met up with Keith Adams in 2001 and they had a good day out.   (May 2003)

Salaverry Deck & Engine Officers

George N. Christodoulou now living in California, really would like to hear from former shipmates from the Salaverry. He travelled over with his wife Jean in 2004 and also in 2006 to attend the PSNC Reunions in Netherton.   He ended up as a Professor Emeritus with the rank of Commander in a US Naval Academy and is also writing a book - "Shipmates and other Ba*****s".   I imagine a number of people will awaiting its publication with bated breath ;-)   (March 2004)

John McCombie

I have often wondered what a happened to my old friend John McCombie, a fellow Aberdonian, whom I last saw when I relieved him as 2nd Mate on the Orcoma in 1968.
There was word that he had been working as a pilot in the Philippines or somewhere exotic!   Do get in touch John.
Barry Erskine  (Feb 2003)

Owen Kenneth Williams

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Owen Kenneth Williams or what happened to him?
He was the son of Capt. J. Williams and lived in Waterloo. After his time on Conway, served his apprenticeship with PSNC.  We were cadets together for several voyages on "Sarmiento" and "Orbita" between 1946 and 1950.   After passing his 2nd Mates ticket he did several voyages as 3rd Mate and maybe also 2nd Mate, before leaving PSNC.  J Alan Gibson   (29th March 2002)

Reply from Owen's brother, Denis Williams, an ex Royal Mail Deck Officer

My brother "Ken" died suddenly in 1984, aged 56, leaving a wife and four children.   After leaving PSNC he joined Royal Mail for one voyage and moved on to Cunard Line. During this time he obtained a commission in the R.N.R.   From Cunard he went ashore and worked for a period as a Marine Consultant/Surveyor in Liverpool.   He then went to Tate & Lyle in London in the Shipping /Personnel Dept., finally settling in Orpington, Kent.   He became a Justice of the Peace and ended his career up to his death as a Secretary to the Magistrates Association in London.

David? "Potsie" Potts,   Mike Quirk,   Charlie Thomson (Liverpool)
Eddie Orchard (Westbury),   Laurie Lorraine (ex Conway)

Derek Maclean "Jock" Gowland would really like to get in contact with above and also *Jimmy ???? ex Newcastle;   and Patrick . . . a wild Irish "Bandit" who were all cadets on Salinas, Kenuta and Cotopaxi between 1955 and 1958.
4th April 2002

PS I have given Derek's email address to Mike Quirk today. Barry

NB "Jimmy" is Jim Scott who is now living in Essex.   Thanks to Rodney Briggs for the info! (May 2002)

Success!  10th February 2010 Dave Potts contacted me today and I have given him the email addresses for Derek Gowland and Rodney Briggs! At long last. :-)

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